Dear Misha; Our family would like to extend our most sincere thanks and gratitude for your sacrifice of time and material on our father Elbert Wood's project. We loved working with you on this very personal tribute to our beloved Italian mother, Ann. This mural makes our heart sing whenever we see it. It truly special. This has been a blessing for our father and our entire family as well. As you know, my dad's home was in desperate need of repair, and we could not afford to make the repairs and upgrades in order for his home to be senior friendly to respect his wish of remaining in his home forever. As a result of your Selfless efforts, our father's new home is better than new and he looks forward to years of enjoyment in his new home. Venetian Plastering is an asset to the Houston community, and we sincerely hope that you will be rewarded by our community for all you have done.
God bless you and regards.
Mark & Jennifer Wood

      Misha; I am so very pleased with the way our kitchen cabinets look. As you know, our cabinets were solid white and had been finished with some type of high gloss product which, over the past eight years, had begun to discolor. Combined with white Corian countertops, our large kitchen was too white and I felt did not reflect well on the quality and appearance of the rest of our home. When we decided to put the house on the market, I knew that something had to be done with the kitchen cabinets. I met with multiple contractors about how best to solve this problem. However, they were all intimidated by the high gloss finish on the cabinets and none of them could make a recommendation, with any degree of confidence, as to the best solution for this problem. We even went so far as to have a cabinet maker give us a bid to completely reface the cabinets. However, we found the cost to reface was too cost prohibitive.
I was beginning to give up hope when we were given your name by our Realtor, Kay Horsch. The first day I met with you, I felt confident that you could solve our problem. I saw your beautiful work in your portfolio, and you came back the very next day with a sample finish that you suggested we use. It was perfect for our kitchen.
I am very pleased to say that " I absolutely LOVE my kitchen cabinets"; I am so proud to show it off to my family and friends. The color is perfect, the finish is perfect, and the craftsmanship is perfect. The cabinets turned out better than ever imagined. You have turned what was a detriment to the value of our home into a real asset. I am convinced that any prospective buyer will not only like the appearance of the kitchen, but the uniqueness of the cabinets will make our home stand out among its competition.
It was a pure pleasure working with you and your crew on this project. Thank you very much.
Connie Bennett

      Misha is very professional and accommodating. She performed her great art in 4 rooms of my home. She takes care of keeping things in order, clean and other items protected. Her work is beautiful. She is very talented, and I would recommend her and use her again. Beautiful work!
Kimberly Braswell

      Dear Misha, I want to thank you for your work that you did on my kitchen cabinets. I was so thankful that you walked into Sherwin Williams when you did one week ago. As you know, I was there working with Pat trying to get some help with the results of another painter. Even Pat was struggling. When Pat saw you come in, she knew you could help me. You took my drawer at that time and worked up a sample and brought it to me. That was without even seeing my kitchen. It was almost perfect, the colors needed to optimized but that was the easy part for you. You created the look exactly like I wanted. I had suffered through two attempts of the previous painter and was very excited to see you could do it.
As you have finished, I love the outcome. You were very meticulous with your work and I truly see you are an exceptional artist. I have recommended you to my best friend and will do the same for anyone that is interested in working with you. I am so proud of cabinets, I feel as though they are a piece of expensive furniture. There is no doubt the value of the house has increased with your work. I would gladly show anyone that wants to see your work here. I will also send you some pictures if you are interested.
And the last point that I want to say, I truly enjoyed having you in my home. I enjoyed meeting you both professionally and personally. You have been a pleasure to have around and I look forward to working with you again. I am certain that we will.
Please offer my name as a reference as well as offer my kitchen if anyone would like to see your work.
Jill Lang

You should be recognized for your awesome work!!! there's no doubt that my dining room is a masterpiece! Everyone who ever comes over here is in AWE of IT, it is just beautiful and hopefully it will be here for a long time, way after you and I are long gone.
I would hate to think that someone would ever paint over it..... As beautiful as it is, it will remain here until this house crumbles to the ground.
I think it would photograph really pretty for a magazine spread and you would be Featured as the artist. I am happy to help you anytime! You're the greatest!
Patricia Barnes-Castieg

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